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Satya Brahma is the Founder Chairman & Editorial Head of the illustrious Network 7 Media Group having its wide portfolio in mainstram media in the form of current affairs news magazines

Upinder Zutshi of Infinite, Mehul C. Choksi of Gitanjali Group, Sameer Gehlaut of Indiabulls, Dr G.S.K. Velu of Trivitron Group & Kuldip Kaura of ACC are in race for coveted Business Leader of the year 2014.

India votes to select the First Generation Entrepreneur of the year 2014 at ILC Power Brand 2014 at the fifth annual India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2014

It has become a cliche to speak of India as a land of paradoxes. The old joke about our country is that anything you say about India, the opposite is also true. We like to think of ourselves as an ancient civilisation but we are also a young republic; our IT experts stride confidently into the twenty-first century but much of our population seems to live in each of the other twenty centuries. Quite often, the opposites coexist quite cheerfully. One of my favourite images of India is from the last Kumbh Mela, of a naked sadhu, straight out of central casting, with matted hair, ash-smeared forehead and scraggly beard, a rudraksha mala around his scrawny neck and a distant gaze in his eyes, for all the world a picture of timeless other-worldliness, chatting away on a mobile phone.